Well, there are a lot of changes in our industry coming this week.  TRID or TILA/RESPA Intrigal Disclosure forms, as it's known in Government circles. It's hopefully the last part of the Dodd/Frank bill that has made everyone's lives in this industry more stressful and has done absolutely nothing to prevent the catastrophe that was the "Housing Bubble" or collapse.  But, when you ask government to fix a problem that government created, you get something like this.  Thousands of pages of more legislation that creates more problems and doesn't fix the real issue.

Bottom line is that, people who can't afford homes shouldn't buy them and the government shouldn't create legislation that makes it easier for those people to buy homes that they ultimately cannot afford to be in.  It's quite simple really, and it didn't take me a thousand pages to explain it. Just common sense, something we are severely lacking these days, no matter who is in charge under the big white dome or the little white dome in our state.

Be that as it may, here we are with TRID.  It will add layers and pages of more "information" and disclosures for the buyers and sellers of real estate at each closing of a transaction. If you have bought a home in the last 10 years, you already know the mountain of redundant paperwork that you have to sign.  Will you read that mountain of paperwork?  Probably not, and if you do it won't be at the signing table, it will be something you read at night to try and get to sleep. You rely on your Realtor, your Lender and your escrow officer to explain and help you understand all of that legal jargon. 

So what's another 30 or 40 pages, you may ask?  Nothing really, it's just more redundancy, and explaining things on paper in a different way than we were doing before.  After all, we can't do with less paper. How would our government officials ever get by? What would they do all day?